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Boils over the body 

I want to explain you according to ayurveda It is the DUSTHI OF RAKTA DHATU. In ayurveda blood is called the RAKTA DHATU. When the rakta dhatu is vitiated it leads to boils all over the body .This rakta dhatu is vitiated due to the doshas present in our body i.e. VATTA,PITTA,KAPHA.  One more reason for the vitiation of Rakta dhatu is the less immunity of your body.

When our body is less immune, the microorganism can easily enter in to our body. As one is taking antibiotics many times for treating the symptoms only or specific area of your disease but not the rakta dhatu. As allopathy is treating the infection. But In AYURVEDA we treat the root cause of the disease  or completely cure or purify the blood (rakta dhatu).

In ayurveda we have lots of herbs by which we  not only control the vitiation of the Rakta dhatu but also increase your immunity ,so that  you will  not go under Reinfection of the raktadhatu. These herbs cure or purify the Rakta dhatu( blood). We treat the Rakta dhatu from the channels which carry the rakta dhatu( blood) from the bone marrow and spleen in our body.By this we not only regenerate the purified rakta dhatu  but also this  herbal preparation can raise your immunity and  you will not under go reinfection. 

I am hereby sharing the names of herbs that will work according to your doshas as specific herbs act on specific illness

1.       GUDUCHI

2.       Kush

3.       Shatavar

4.        Ashwagandha

5.       Vidari

6.       Nagdamanh

7.       Haritaki

8.       Amlaki

9.       Atibala

10.   Tawaksheer  

11.   Jiwanti

12.   Ala

13.   Jyotishmati

14.   Talmooli

15.   Musholi

16. Manjishta

17. Sariva

18. kiratikta

19. Neem

20. Haridra

 In Ayurveda these  Herbal Treatment very effective to raise the immunity of our body as well as purify the blood. These herbs will not allow any microorganism to enter in to our body. Herbal formulation RAKT PRTHIRODHAK RAS contains all these herbs. By taking this formulation you can get rid of this illness. 

 On the otherhand allopaths give you the drug which causes the suppression of the  immunity in your body. Because all medicine in english only supress the immunity in our body after few month it will come again upward.  It is just like a termite in wood it goes down in earth after pesticide treatment again upward after few years. In ayurveda we treat the root cause and completely eradicate the disease and you will get healthy flora.

 When we have a clear diagnosis in front of us and it’s a specific illness then as an Ayurveda Physician, I shall like to recommend the herbal formulation manufactured from the above mentioned herbs. Please do share further for all your queries and updates. You are always welcome.

 Please never ever Hesitate in discussing / sharing any doubts of yours over Phone / Email. We shall be extremely delighted to serve you with the best of Ayurvedic consultation in India Services.  Also do remember, we shall be in constant touch with you over Phone / Email throughout the entire treatment.

You will be recovered 100% by completing the above course. For any Query please do feel free to contact  +91 - 92155 - 67044 (7 PM to 9:30 PM IST on all Days including Sunday).

Wishing you best of Health always

Dr. Mukesh Bhatia
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