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Orchitis is characterized by inflammation in one or both testicles in males. It usually occurs due to an infection caused by bacteria or viruses. It can spread when bacteria enters the blood from other parts of the body. It can also occur due to epididymitis, which is an infection that develops in the tube that transports semen out of the testicles. This is known as epididymo-orchitis. Orchitis is also commonly associated with the virus that is responsible for mumps. Studies show that one third of males who develops mumps after puberty go on to develop orchitis.


AN APPROACH BY Bhatia Ayurveda

The following preparation are applied over the swollen and painful testicle for reducing the swelling and relieving the pain
1 The paste made by roots of pongamia pinnata with rice water.

2.  The mixture of macerated cotton seeds and ginger.

3. The hot leaves of solanum nigrum; the swollen organ is fomented with the hot leaves before they are bandaged over the part.

4. The poultice of the fresh leaves of the Indian Hemp or of sesbania sesban.

5. The poultice of the leaves of vitex negundo or the fresh leaves made hot in the earthen vessel.
6. Fomentation with hot dhatoora leaves.

7. The ointment made of one part of liquid storax and four parts of some bland oil; after applying the ointment the part is covered with tobacco leaves.

8. The paste made of the root bark of calotropis gigantea with conjee.

9. The poultice made of clerodendrum serratum with barley water.

10. The paste made by root stock of the sweet flag with mustard powder.

11. Warm oil coated with betel leaves.

12. The poultice of cumin seed.

13. The ointment made of 1 oz. of the powder of the leaves of centella asiatica with some bland oil; at the same time 3 to 5 grains of the powder of the shade dried leaves are given orally three times a day.

14. The warm poultice of wheat flour made with lamb’s milk.

15. The finely macerated inner bark of the Alexandrian Laurel; the pulp is applied warm and kept covered with a bandage for a week or so.

Oral preparation to be followed

1.       The powder of the root of Tephrosia purpurea mixed with water; this treatment is to be continued for a month.

2.       The powder of Berberis asiatica in 30 to 40 grain dose with cow’s urine.

3.       The juice of Gynandropsis gynandra mixed with gram soup.

4.       The milk in which the roots of Sida cord folia have been boiled till all the water has evaporated this milk is taken with castor oil.

5.       The swaras of Centella asiatica or the juice of dry plant extracted with the addition of water in 1-5 drop doses, the juice is at the same time applied externally.

6.       The decoction of triphala mixed with cow’s urine.

7.       The mixture of rock salt and chebulic myrobalan; the myrobalan is pickled for a week in cow’s urine and then fried in castor oil before it is powdered and mixed with salt; the powdered mixture is to be stored in a well stoppered bottle ; this mixture is taken regularly morning and evening for a long time.

8.       The juice of fresh ginger mixed with honey.

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Addictions are another form of mental disorder. They occur from too much tamas or inertia in the mind. This is often caused by too much rajas, or mental disturbance, which is compensated for by providing an artificial calm.

Cycle of Addiction
All addiction tends to increase vata by creating nervous dependency. The individual become mentally destabilized and is not able to look at the condition objectively.

Kapha individual with the strongest physique can stand more bad habits such as smoking, drinking, taking of stimulus or drugs. They will also have the greatest difficulty in giving up addiction.

Vata type will be damaged by them very easily. They can give them up short term but tend to return to them, or so shift from one habit to another.

Pitta type with their stronger self-righteousness will have more difficulty in giving them up unless they are convinced it is their own best choice in the matter. The typical drinker turned fundamentalist religious fantastic is usually of pitta constitution.


Ayurvedic Treatment of different addiction is similar. The humeral imbalance behind the problem must be addressed. Specific herbs to help reduce the emotional need for addicting substances are nerviness such as calamus, gotu kala, skull cap or chamomile. Other herbs are necessary for the tissue damage done by the addictive substance; lung tonics for smoking, liver tonics for drinking, brain tonic for drugs.

Addiction indicates wrong life style, so our whole life regime needs to be examined. All addiction is part of a psychological pattern of dependency. This must be addressed. Efforts should be made to contact the true self that is independent and transcends environmental influences. For this yoga of knowledge is indicated.


Addiction of smoking can occur in any of the three humors. Vata type likes to smoke as a nervous habit to calm anxiety and give distraction from worry. Pitta types like the addiction of more fire into their systems and the increased feeling of power. Kapha type likes the clearing and stimulating effects of tobacco which activates them and remove lethargy. Smoking of mainly spicy herbs is often recommended for kapha problems.

The herb calamus helps counter the nervous habit behind addiction. It can be added in small amounts to cigarettes or taken as a powder or ghee; in the latter form it is particularly good to apply several drops to the nose two or three times a day.


Kapha type often experience congestion after giving up smoking. They will do best with spices and expectorants. Milk decoction of long pepper can be used to rebuild lungs.
Smoking often causes lung weakness, dry cough, and constipation in vata types.
Smoking in pitta type causes infectious disease of the lungs, liver and blood, detoxification is more strongly required


Taking alcohol is the addiction of fire to the body. It tends to damage the liver and the blood and creates various pitta disorders.
Vicious Addiction Cycle
Alcohol is also a sugar. Addiction to it may be a part or a substitute for sugar addiction.
Herbal wines can be given as substitute for alcohol and will help reduce dependency.


We live in a culture of drug abuse, both recreational and medicinal.

Stimulant drugs, particularly in their short term use, aggravate pitta and can burn out the nervous system and damage the eyes.

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Individuals with vata physical types will usually have vata psychological natures. They will have emotional tendencies towards fear and anxiety. They will be mentally changeable, excitable, and indecisive(not having or showing the ability to make decision quickly and effectively) and have good but erratic mental powers. 

Mental Nature

They are good at both gasping and forgetting. They are quick at attachment and detachment, fast AT GETTING EMOTIONAL and expressing emotions, as well as forgetting them. Their mind and senses are sensitive, but unsteady. They will not have much courage and tend towards cowardice; generally they will be of a more solitary nature and not have a lot of friend. 

However they are good at forming friendships with people outside their social sphere.  They do not make good leaders, but they will be good followers either. They will not be very materialistic and are not much concerned with accumulating possessions or money. They often spend money quickly and easily. Ayurvedic herbs treatment helps you to getting rid of it.



They will be logical, critical, perceptive and intelligent. They are quick to get emotional and have no trouble expressing anger. They are articulate, convincing and often self-righteous. They usually possess strong wills, are dignified and make good leaders while very helpful and kind to friends and followers. They are cruel to opponents.

They are bold, adventurous, daring, and reckless. They are inventive, ingenious, and often possess good mechanical skills. Their memories are sharp and not sentimental. They are more concerned with the accumulation of power than with material resource but will gather material resource to gain their ends.

Kapha (liquid) mentality
Those with kapha bodies will also end towards watery emotion like love, and desire, romance, sentimentality. They will be kind, considerate and loyal but also slow to respond , conservative shy and obedient .they tend to have many friends and to be very close to family, community, culture, religion and country, but they can be closed minded outside their sphere of habitual activity. They travel less and feel happier at home.

They easily get attached and find it hard to detach. While they can display affections easily, they are slow to express emotions, particularly anger, mentally they are steady with good forethought but need time to consider things properly.

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If the blood pressure goes below 140/80 mm of Hg then it is considered  as low blood pressure. The causes low blood pressure may be  injury - internal or external, leading to loss of blood , anemia , acute or chronic diseases, food poisoning , leukemia or any other blood disorder. It is caused by vitiated vata in Ayurveda.

Low Blood Pressure Chart
Extreme weakness , cold sweats, increased pulse and heart rate, giddiness, and history of fainting, headache and chest pain.

The cause must be treated properly i.e.the vitiation of vata should be treated and brought to normal. Dashmoolaristha Ashwagandharistha 1 teaspoon ful  thrice daily  with equal quantity  of water  and black gram , apple , grapes and bean of all varieties  may also be given . He is advised to take a highly nutritive and strengthning diet with light exercise.

Low Blood Pressure Treatment by Ayurvedic Herbs gives you the permanent treatment for Low blood pressure. One of the major part of Ayurveda is it's 100% Natural without any side effect. 

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It is a condition in which there is destruction of res blood corpuscles with an increase of white blood corpuscles. It is otherwise called Cancer of the blood’. In its chronic stage. In Ayurveda it is called ‘‘VATOLBANA SANNIPATAJPONDU ROGA''wherein all the signs and symptoms of anemia will be present. In leukemia there may be hemorrhage from the nose, gums, fever and enlargement of the spleen and glands of the body. The patient may also feel difficulty in breathing

It is a challenge to the modern system of medicine as it has not been able to treat this disease successfully but Ayurveda believes that it is caused due to vitiation of tridoshas (vata, pitta ,kapha) and therefore if these tridoshas are brought to normal with the medicine which are indicated in Ayurveda then the patient will be able to get a cure. The following medicines can be given but  keep it in mind that complete treatment can be provided to you after discussing signs and symptoms. Here i am providing you a brief

leukemia treatment
Leukemia Treatment




The ashes of diamond
Heerak bhasma in a dose of 5-6 mgs with or without Mukta pishti and Pravala can be given.
Panchaamritarasa is also useful. 

In some of the cases where the liver gets enlarged with severe anemia Pravala Panchaamritarasa with Yakrit Pleyodarirasa along with vajra bhasma, each in a dose of 200 mg with 6 mgs of vajrabhasma respectively can be given twice daily. In the chronic stage these can be given along with the juice of Bhringraj and turmeric. Fresh liver juice can also be given intermittently.

Old rice, bitter gourds, radish, oranges, grapes, cow's milk, ghee, buttermilk; 

Leukemia can be very well managed with Ayurvedic herb treatment 

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Cirrhosis of the Liver

The liver is the important organ of the body as it regulates the digestion, metabolism, and many other physiological functions of the body. Damage of this organ may therefore lead to chronic gastritis(swelling or inflammation of the stomach lining
), morning sickness and constipation. Apart from loss of appetite, the patient losses weight because of defective metabolism. He may suffer from diarrhea and flatulence.

Normal Liver vs Cirrhosis Liver 

There may be little pain in the right upper portion of the abdomen where the liver is located. Slowly size of the liver increases and because of the pressure on the diaphragm, the patient suffers difficulty in breathing and coughing. He may suffer from nausea and vomiting. The liver tissue becomes fibroses and it shrinks in size. Because of this shrinkage the venous circulation gets obstructed, and there is accumulation of water in the abdomen.


Cirrhosis of the liver generally occurs because of faulty diet and excessive intake of alcohol, the liver helps in neutralization of the toxic effects of some drugs and beverages like   tea and coffee which contains nicotine. If these toxins are consumed habitually in excess, the liver becomes unable to cope with the demand for neutralizing their effects. This result in the cirrhosis of the organ. It is therefore desirable in the first instance, to ask the patient to give up these harmful beverages and drinks.

The drug of choice for the treatment of this condition is Bhringraj. One teaspoonful of the juice of this plant is to be given to a child patient below 8 years of age, three times a day. The taste of the juice of bhringraj is slightly bitter and astringent. Therefore it is always prescribed to be given to the child with half teaspoonful to honey. This juice will act better if administered on an empty stomach.

Katuki is the drug prescribed by the physicians especially when cirrhosis occurs in adults. This herb grows at high altitude in the Himalayas. The rhizome or the root of this plant is used in the medicine. It is bitter in taste. The powder of this drug in a dose of with honey in good quantity. If there is constipation then the dose of this powder may be increased to two teaspoonful three times a day and it should be given with a cup of warm water each time to produce more bile. The excretions of this bile in large quantity defunct start reviving. A compound preparation called Aarogyawardhini contains katuki . In addition, this compound preparation contains copper in the form of bhasma. Copper in Ayurveda is considered to be the potent drug to revive the activity of processing.


The patient should not be given any food which is difficult to digest. Oil, ghee, other fats to be avoided. Vegetables which are bitter in taste like patola, bitter gourd and drumsticks should not be given to patient.

Diet in Liver Cirrhosis

Buffalo milk, which contains high percentage of fat, is contraindicated. Goat’s milk and cow’s milk can be given in small quantity. Camel’s milk in this is considered very useful. Curd should not be given to the patient but buttermilk prepared by churning the curd is exceedingly useful. Garlic is useful .if there is accumulation of water in the abdomen, the patient should be given salt free diet, he should be advised to miss a few meals and observe fasting which helps in promoting the function of liver.

Other regimens

The patient should be prohibited from sleeping during daytime and riding a fast moving vehicle on an uneven surface. He should not be exposed to violent jerks and should not resort to any strenuous physical exercise.

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A PRECISE KNOWLEDGE SHARED BY Dr. Mukesh Bhatia about undedrweight

Underweight can also be disease, though in our culture it is not always recognized as such. Lack of body weight can cause poor resistance, low vitality, nervousness, irritability. There will be lack of appetite (desire to eat food), depression, malaise (feeling of general discomfort or uneasiness) and psychological instability.

There may be wasting away of tissues including loss of hair, falling of teeth, weakness of bones and lack of sexual vitality as well as other signs of premature aging.

Underweight Treatment in Ayurveda 
Causes are frequently constitutional. Undue(excessive) suppression of the digestive  fire –too much fasting, dieting, or too much eating of light , cold or raw food, irregular eating habits, etc.   –can contribute.

Other factors include overwork, too much exercise and excessive sexual activity. Psychological factors are worry and grief (often following loss of a loved one), excessive study and too much mental activity.

Low weight may also be involved in convalescence from a severe disease that has depleted the body tissues. It may occur more commonly in the elderly or in the children. Treatment involves an increasing or tonification therapy. Heavy rich nutritive diet is taken along with tonic, building herbs.

Underweight is a usually a vata condition, as air type tend towards lightness. Vata individuals often forget to eat or their irregular eating habits cause long term suppression of the digestive fire. Use of stimulant drug such as amphetamines can bring about the same condition.

Treatment for Underweight

An anti vata diet is usually the best. Meat and fish are helpful or other heavy food like root vegetables, whole grains, nuts, dairy, oils and sugar.

Spices are indicated but not necessarily in the beginning treatment. The hotter spices in particular may cause further depletion of vital fluids by their drying nature and overstimulate what is usually already a hyper metabolism.

Tonic herbs are essential: ashwagandha, shatavari, bala, licorice prepared in milk.
 Ayurveda formulas are:
  • Ashwagandha compound
  • Shatawari compound
  • Dhatupustik compound
  • Chyvanprash
Additional western herbs include comfrey root, slippery elm, marshmallow and saw palmetto. Chinese herbs are ginseng, astragalus , dang gui and rehmannia; formulas include Ten Major Tonic.

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Leucoderma means white skin that the word holds its meaning. It is due to lack of skin’s melanin pigment. According to Ayurveda it is included in kustha and is called switra or kilas. Kustha is nothing but skin disease including leprosy. As soon as one is diagnosed with leucoderma it becomes a society issue. He/ she feel humiliation from the society. They can be considered as separate individuals from the society. It may be even hereditary. The bhrajaka pitta present in the skin will not function properly as a result leucoderma will be produced. It is due to deficient production of pitta. It may be even the disease of liver.


The patient complaints of white patch on the arm or any part of the body or it may be seen sometimes as reddish brown eruptions, there may be burning sensation, watery exudation and considerable itching. If it involves muscle tissue then, then it will become red in color. Otherwise if it involves fatty tissue it will be white in color is difficult to cure if hair inside  the patch is white and burnt by fire also if it is in the joints of the skin and mucus membrane of old individuals.


It is a disease that is traced in individual who suffer from chronic dysentery. In chronic dysentery there is impairment of digestion and assimilation of food. The specific treatment for such disorder is kutja. The powder of this plant must be given in decoction form or as it is.

Aarogyawardhni wati is also one of the best drugs in the treatment of this disorder. The important constituent of this preparation is katuki. It acts as a stimulant to the liver and therby help in curing the leucoderma. Tamra bhasma also helps in metabolism as well as aids in the synthesis of melanin pigment.

Bhallatak linctus is also used in leucoderma . it produces burning sensation in the mouth that can be cured by applying ghee to the mucus membrane prior to its administration.
To prevent the toxic effects of preparation coconut pulp or pure ghee is used.


It has been found that application of bakuchi along with seeds of radish will cure the disease. After macerating these two drugs, mix them in water or cow’s urine and should be applied externally or switraghanavati can be applied externally with cow’s urine or shweta gunjaadi taila which is prepared from gunja can also be applied.

Patient is advised to take salt free  and pungent free diet. Bitter vegetables like bitter gourd  are advised internally. Old rice with soup of bitter vegetables or with cow’s milk can be given to the patient

Avoid anxiety, excitement, emotion, worry, and other mental stress
Not to expose himself /herself to heat or sun for longer duration
Don’t sleep in a day.

Leucoderma can be controlled and treat in must have patience as ayurvedic drugs take their time in curing a disease
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Ayurvedic Consultation in India For Sexual Debility

Sexual debility is lack of sexual vitality or inability to perform adequately sexually. Symptoms include low energy, fatigue, tiredness, lack of sexual motivation and impotence. Nervousness, palpitation, spermatorrhoea, nocturnal emission along with premature ejaculation may occur most of the times. Sometimes weak kidney indications, frequent urination, lower back pain will happen.Without any hesitation get free Ayurvedic consultation in India from experts.

Sexual debility can be caused by overwork, too much exercise, stress and trauma. It is also a complication of underweight and malnourishment where there is not remarkable energy. Or it can be caused by overweight which slows down and dulls the reflexes.

Sensitive factors are fear, problems in relationship, feeling of rejection. For a strong sex drive the male ego has to have some confidence; failure or lack of success in life can cause it to weaken. According to Ayurveda, sexual debility is frequently caused by excessive sex, the result of sexual exhaustion. In Ayurveda terms it is more commonly a vata condition. Abstinence from sex is an important initial treatment rest and relaxation is helpful.

Tonification therapy is required with anti vata diet and foods to increase semen. These are dairy products, ghee, nuts, lotus seed, garlic, onion etc.
Special boost herbs for the male generative structure are


Additional Chinese herbs are

Shou wu

Good western herbs

Saw palmetto
Comfrey root

Sexual debility is a pitta condition also where pitta burns out semen Aloe gel is good in this condition. Shatavari compounds can be taken with milk sugar and ghee, Kapha type sexual debility is characterized by lack of concern in sex, obesity, excess secretion causing congestion. Guggulu and shilajeet are also used in this situation.

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Herbal Treatment for Morning Sickness

A mustard poultice is applied on the abdomen region to check nausea and vomiting in early stages of pregnancy.Pulp of bilva fruit with parched rice is used to control vomiting.The decoction of ginger and dry unripe bilva is given barley flour.

The compound decoction of coriander seeds, ginger, sugar and tubercles of nut grass is very effective The mixture of 45 grains of powdered coriander seeds and 180 grains of sugar administered with rice water give relief.The flowers of Tanner’s cassia (tarwar) are very efficacious for checking vomiting or nausea due to pregnancy.


1. After parturition the decoction of the leaf buds or tender leaves or joints of the stem of the bamboo is given to contract the uterus and to encourage a free discharge of lochia

2. A small quantity of fried asafetida given with garlic and gur or honey increases the lochial discharge after childbirth.

3. Dolichos biflorus taken after childbirth promotes lochial discharge.

4.To help the expulsion of child birth the phant of the root of long pepper is used.

5. To facilitate the dropping of the after birth, the paste of the root bark of the Bonduc Nut with rice water is used.

6.To promote the expulsion of after birth a drink of rice water in which bark of ficus racemosa is macerated is used.

7. To quickly allay the pain of urogenital tract the mixture of powder of equal parts of eclipta Alba and the roots of bael tree is used.

8. The poultice of the seeds of safflower is applied on the pubic region to reduce the inflammation of uterus after child birth.

9. An enema of the decoction of leaves of vitex negundo is used to reduce the swelling on the vagina.

10.To induce the uterus to return to its normal size –

11.The pessary made either of the shelled seeds of the mixture of oak tree and   roasted alum is placed inside the vagina.

12. In child bed fever the compound fraction of zedoary, fumaria parviflora, ginger, chirfagonia cretica, picrorhiza kurroa, the tubercles of the nut grass and the roots of the solanum xanthocarpum is given with honey and long pepper.

13.Most prominently, keep well hydrated, drinking iced water. Lemon Juice and Ginger are most Herbal Treatment for Morning Sickness.
Pregnancy is a normal process. During this stage, the weight on the limbs is more.  A nutritious diet is required for the pregnant mother and her foetus. Delivery in due course will be easy and comfortable if a pregnant lady follows regularly some instructions. This also makes her immunity to many diseases in pre and post natal conditions. Laxative should be avoided during the entire pregnancy.

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Headache

When the patient gets pain in the head it is called a headache .It is produced due to different causes and in Ayurveda this disease is known as Shira Shool and it is of 11 types.
Both psychological and Physical causes will produce this disease .Tumor in the brain ,economical strain, prolonged over work, high blood pressure ,defective eye sight ,sinusitis ,exposure to cold,exposure to excessive temperature like hot sun ,hot fire or ulcers in the mouthed it may be a symptom  after cold ,influenza and other lung and intestinal disorders.

Signs and Symptoms of the Slaishmika type of headache
The patient will experience watering in the eyes, heaviness in the head and inflammation in the middle ear and nose. This occurs usually early in the morning either in winter or in the rainy day or immediately after fever in children (upto 12 years).

Pittaja (bilious) type of headache will have a peculiar symptom of burning sensation all over the head and sometimes it is associated with bleeding from the nose. It is commonly aggravated during summer, autumn and mid-day. The headache due to vitiated vata will be almost and always associated with dryness and roughness of the eyes, sleeplessness, giddiness and different types of pains of the head.

Ardhavabhedaka (Hemicranias)

This pain occurs on one side of the will be very severe in nature


Bhringraj is an excellent, alternative Herbal medicine for headache in Ayurveda field.

  1. The juice of Tinospora cordifolia (guduchi) is given in doses of 1to 2 Oz with honey to relieve headache
  2. The massage of the scalp with brahmi oil relieves headache.
  3. Brahmi sherbet in doses of half to one ounce with water twice a day is a very effective drink in headache.
  4. The mixture of saffron and ghee can be used as snuff.
  5. The dry leaves of vitex negundo are smoked for its cure
  6. Migraine of megrim
  7. Headache of a periodic character and confirmed to a particular part of head

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    To Increase Libido Ayurveda Has A Great Role

    Ayurvedic Treatment is very effective to Increase Libido .The maximum amount of Shukra dhatu is formed during the puberty stage and this is the time when humans have maximum libido. So our aim is to increase shukra dhatu in your body upto puberty stage.

    A balanced diet+ medication is required to achieve the levels of shukra in the body.

     Shukra is produced in testicles in males and ovaries in females and some hormones essential for growth and development are also produced by shukra. With decrease in creation of Shukra, these hormones are also pretentious. 

     Decrease in libido occurs only when Shukra is destroyed before its wide-ranging formation. However, this can be treated with a balanced diet a
     Rasayan medicines, these are medicines, which provide strength to the body and slow down the aging process.
    Vajikarana medicines are also expected to be used as it enhances the sexual power.

    I prescribe you the medicine which will build your body by nourishing all the dhatus lead to formation of the HEALTHY OOJ, increase your libido as well as strength of doing sex. I am hereby sharing the names of herbs that will increase the libido

    WITHANIA Somnifera
    Emblica Officinalis
    Asparagus Racemosus

    We call this herbal formulation as RASAYAN VATI  

    These medicines will also increase your facial glow and happiness (SUFURTI DAYAK)

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