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Orchitis is characterized by inflammation in one or both testicles in males. It usually occurs due to an infection caused by bacteria or viruses. It can spread when bacteria enters the blood from other parts of the body. It can also occur due to epididymitis, which is an infection that develops in the tube that transports semen out of the testicles. This is known as epididymo-orchitis. Orchitis is also commonly associated with the virus that is responsible for mumps. Studies show that one third of males who develops mumps after puberty go on to develop orchitis.


AN APPROACH BY Bhatia Ayurveda

The following preparation are applied over the swollen and painful testicle for reducing the swelling and relieving the pain
1 The paste made by roots of pongamia pinnata with rice water.

2.  The mixture of macerated cotton seeds and ginger.

3. The hot leaves of solanum nigrum; the swollen organ is fomented with the hot leaves before they are bandaged over the part.

4. The poultice of the fresh leaves of the Indian Hemp or of sesbania sesban.

5. The poultice of the leaves of vitex negundo or the fresh leaves made hot in the earthen vessel.
6. Fomentation with hot dhatoora leaves.

7. The ointment made of one part of liquid storax and four parts of some bland oil; after applying the ointment the part is covered with tobacco leaves.

8. The paste made of the root bark of calotropis gigantea with conjee.

9. The poultice made of clerodendrum serratum with barley water.

10. The paste made by root stock of the sweet flag with mustard powder.

11. Warm oil coated with betel leaves.

12. The poultice of cumin seed.

13. The ointment made of 1 oz. of the powder of the leaves of centella asiatica with some bland oil; at the same time 3 to 5 grains of the powder of the shade dried leaves are given orally three times a day.

14. The warm poultice of wheat flour made with lamb’s milk.

15. The finely macerated inner bark of the Alexandrian Laurel; the pulp is applied warm and kept covered with a bandage for a week or so.

Oral preparation to be followed

1.       The powder of the root of Tephrosia purpurea mixed with water; this treatment is to be continued for a month.

2.       The powder of Berberis asiatica in 30 to 40 grain dose with cow’s urine.

3.       The juice of Gynandropsis gynandra mixed with gram soup.

4.       The milk in which the roots of Sida cord folia have been boiled till all the water has evaporated this milk is taken with castor oil.

5.       The swaras of Centella asiatica or the juice of dry plant extracted with the addition of water in 1-5 drop doses, the juice is at the same time applied externally.

6.       The decoction of triphala mixed with cow’s urine.

7.       The mixture of rock salt and chebulic myrobalan; the myrobalan is pickled for a week in cow’s urine and then fried in castor oil before it is powdered and mixed with salt; the powdered mixture is to be stored in a well stoppered bottle ; this mixture is taken regularly morning and evening for a long time.

8.       The juice of fresh ginger mixed with honey.

May GOD bless you and your Family with best of Health and Happiness always

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  4. I am harekrushna apat .i suffering for orchitis before 3 months it is very painful and swelling in right please sir what i will be do ?

  5. I am harekrushna apat .i suffering for orchitis before 3 months it is very painful and swelling in right please sir what i will be do ?

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  13. I m suffering from last 1 year from the orchitis problem...many number of alopathic treatment are done...but not good result .. inflammation in both testicles remains same...please advice me

  14. I am lavkush patel orchitis 4 motnh se ha please guide me alopath se sahi nahi ho raha ha 7275290305
    Sir please

  15. I feel pain while walking to my left testicle , and it disappeared immediately after sitting, pls advice.

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  17. Orchitis occurres before one year but pain still occurres on left testis
    Ayurveda treatment for this

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