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Leucoderma means white skin that the word holds its meaning. It is due to lack of skin’s melanin pigment. According to Ayurveda it is included in kustha and is called switra or kilas. Kustha is nothing but skin disease including leprosy. As soon as one is diagnosed with leucoderma it becomes a society issue. He/ she feel humiliation from the society. They can be considered as separate individuals from the society. It may be even hereditary. The bhrajaka pitta present in the skin will not function properly as a result leucoderma will be produced. It is due to deficient production of pitta. It may be even the disease of liver.


The patient complaints of white patch on the arm or any part of the body or it may be seen sometimes as reddish brown eruptions, there may be burning sensation, watery exudation and considerable itching. If it involves muscle tissue then, then it will become red in color. Otherwise if it involves fatty tissue it will be white in color is difficult to cure if hair inside  the patch is white and burnt by fire also if it is in the joints of the skin and mucus membrane of old individuals.


It is a disease that is traced in individual who suffer from chronic dysentery. In chronic dysentery there is impairment of digestion and assimilation of food. The specific treatment for such disorder is kutja. The powder of this plant must be given in decoction form or as it is.

Aarogyawardhni wati is also one of the best drugs in the treatment of this disorder. The important constituent of this preparation is katuki. It acts as a stimulant to the liver and therby help in curing the leucoderma. Tamra bhasma also helps in metabolism as well as aids in the synthesis of melanin pigment.

Bhallatak linctus is also used in leucoderma . it produces burning sensation in the mouth that can be cured by applying ghee to the mucus membrane prior to its administration.
To prevent the toxic effects of preparation coconut pulp or pure ghee is used.


It has been found that application of bakuchi along with seeds of radish will cure the disease. After macerating these two drugs, mix them in water or cow’s urine and should be applied externally or switraghanavati can be applied externally with cow’s urine or shweta gunjaadi taila which is prepared from gunja can also be applied.

Patient is advised to take salt free  and pungent free diet. Bitter vegetables like bitter gourd  are advised internally. Old rice with soup of bitter vegetables or with cow’s milk can be given to the patient

Avoid anxiety, excitement, emotion, worry, and other mental stress
Not to expose himself /herself to heat or sun for longer duration
Don’t sleep in a day.

Leucoderma can be controlled and treat in must have patience as ayurvedic drugs take their time in curing a disease
All the best
Dr. Mukesh Bhatia

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