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Addictions are another form of mental disorder. They occur from too much tamas or inertia in the mind. This is often caused by too much rajas, or mental disturbance, which is compensated for by providing an artificial calm.

Cycle of Addiction
All addiction tends to increase vata by creating nervous dependency. The individual become mentally destabilized and is not able to look at the condition objectively.

Kapha individual with the strongest physique can stand more bad habits such as smoking, drinking, taking of stimulus or drugs. They will also have the greatest difficulty in giving up addiction.

Vata type will be damaged by them very easily. They can give them up short term but tend to return to them, or so shift from one habit to another.

Pitta type with their stronger self-righteousness will have more difficulty in giving them up unless they are convinced it is their own best choice in the matter. The typical drinker turned fundamentalist religious fantastic is usually of pitta constitution.


Ayurvedic Treatment of different addiction is similar. The humeral imbalance behind the problem must be addressed. Specific herbs to help reduce the emotional need for addicting substances are nerviness such as calamus, gotu kala, skull cap or chamomile. Other herbs are necessary for the tissue damage done by the addictive substance; lung tonics for smoking, liver tonics for drinking, brain tonic for drugs.

Addiction indicates wrong life style, so our whole life regime needs to be examined. All addiction is part of a psychological pattern of dependency. This must be addressed. Efforts should be made to contact the true self that is independent and transcends environmental influences. For this yoga of knowledge is indicated.


Addiction of smoking can occur in any of the three humors. Vata type likes to smoke as a nervous habit to calm anxiety and give distraction from worry. Pitta types like the addiction of more fire into their systems and the increased feeling of power. Kapha type likes the clearing and stimulating effects of tobacco which activates them and remove lethargy. Smoking of mainly spicy herbs is often recommended for kapha problems.

The herb calamus helps counter the nervous habit behind addiction. It can be added in small amounts to cigarettes or taken as a powder or ghee; in the latter form it is particularly good to apply several drops to the nose two or three times a day.


Kapha type often experience congestion after giving up smoking. They will do best with spices and expectorants. Milk decoction of long pepper can be used to rebuild lungs.
Smoking often causes lung weakness, dry cough, and constipation in vata types.
Smoking in pitta type causes infectious disease of the lungs, liver and blood, detoxification is more strongly required


Taking alcohol is the addiction of fire to the body. It tends to damage the liver and the blood and creates various pitta disorders.
Vicious Addiction Cycle
Alcohol is also a sugar. Addiction to it may be a part or a substitute for sugar addiction.
Herbal wines can be given as substitute for alcohol and will help reduce dependency.


We live in a culture of drug abuse, both recreational and medicinal.

Stimulant drugs, particularly in their short term use, aggravate pitta and can burn out the nervous system and damage the eyes.

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