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Ayurvedic Consultation in India For Sexual Debility

Sexual debility is lack of sexual vitality or inability to perform adequately sexually. Symptoms include low energy, fatigue, tiredness, lack of sexual motivation and impotence. Nervousness, palpitation, spermatorrhoea, nocturnal emission along with premature ejaculation may occur most of the times. Sometimes weak kidney indications, frequent urination, lower back pain will happen.Without any hesitation get free Ayurvedic consultation in India from experts.

Sexual debility can be caused by overwork, too much exercise, stress and trauma. It is also a complication of underweight and malnourishment where there is not remarkable energy. Or it can be caused by overweight which slows down and dulls the reflexes.

Sensitive factors are fear, problems in relationship, feeling of rejection. For a strong sex drive the male ego has to have some confidence; failure or lack of success in life can cause it to weaken. According to Ayurveda, sexual debility is frequently caused by excessive sex, the result of sexual exhaustion. In Ayurveda terms it is more commonly a vata condition. Abstinence from sex is an important initial treatment rest and relaxation is helpful.

Tonification therapy is required with anti vata diet and foods to increase semen. These are dairy products, ghee, nuts, lotus seed, garlic, onion etc.
Special boost herbs for the male generative structure are


Additional Chinese herbs are

Shou wu

Good western herbs

Saw palmetto
Comfrey root

Sexual debility is a pitta condition also where pitta burns out semen Aloe gel is good in this condition. Shatavari compounds can be taken with milk sugar and ghee, Kapha type sexual debility is characterized by lack of concern in sex, obesity, excess secretion causing congestion. Guggulu and shilajeet are also used in this situation.

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