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Ayurvedic Treatment for Headache

When the patient gets pain in the head it is called a headache .It is produced due to different causes and in Ayurveda this disease is known as Shira Shool and it is of 11 types.
Both psychological and Physical causes will produce this disease .Tumor in the brain ,economical strain, prolonged over work, high blood pressure ,defective eye sight ,sinusitis ,exposure to cold,exposure to excessive temperature like hot sun ,hot fire or ulcers in the mouthed it may be a symptom  after cold ,influenza and other lung and intestinal disorders.

Signs and Symptoms of the Slaishmika type of headache
The patient will experience watering in the eyes, heaviness in the head and inflammation in the middle ear and nose. This occurs usually early in the morning either in winter or in the rainy day or immediately after fever in children (upto 12 years).

Pittaja (bilious) type of headache will have a peculiar symptom of burning sensation all over the head and sometimes it is associated with bleeding from the nose. It is commonly aggravated during summer, autumn and mid-day. The headache due to vitiated vata will be almost and always associated with dryness and roughness of the eyes, sleeplessness, giddiness and different types of pains of the head.

Ardhavabhedaka (Hemicranias)

This pain occurs on one side of the will be very severe in nature


Bhringraj is an excellent, alternative Herbal medicine for headache in Ayurveda field.

  1. The juice of Tinospora cordifolia (guduchi) is given in doses of 1to 2 Oz with honey to relieve headache
  2. The massage of the scalp with brahmi oil relieves headache.
  3. Brahmi sherbet in doses of half to one ounce with water twice a day is a very effective drink in headache.
  4. The mixture of saffron and ghee can be used as snuff.
  5. The dry leaves of vitex negundo are smoked for its cure
  6. Migraine of megrim
  7. Headache of a periodic character and confirmed to a particular part of head

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