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Herbal Treatment for Morning Sickness

A mustard poultice is applied on the abdomen region to check nausea and vomiting in early stages of pregnancy.Pulp of bilva fruit with parched rice is used to control vomiting.The decoction of ginger and dry unripe bilva is given barley flour.

The compound decoction of coriander seeds, ginger, sugar and tubercles of nut grass is very effective The mixture of 45 grains of powdered coriander seeds and 180 grains of sugar administered with rice water give relief.The flowers of Tanner’s cassia (tarwar) are very efficacious for checking vomiting or nausea due to pregnancy.


1. After parturition the decoction of the leaf buds or tender leaves or joints of the stem of the bamboo is given to contract the uterus and to encourage a free discharge of lochia

2. A small quantity of fried asafetida given with garlic and gur or honey increases the lochial discharge after childbirth.

3. Dolichos biflorus taken after childbirth promotes lochial discharge.

4.To help the expulsion of child birth the phant of the root of long pepper is used.

5. To facilitate the dropping of the after birth, the paste of the root bark of the Bonduc Nut with rice water is used.

6.To promote the expulsion of after birth a drink of rice water in which bark of ficus racemosa is macerated is used.

7. To quickly allay the pain of urogenital tract the mixture of powder of equal parts of eclipta Alba and the roots of bael tree is used.

8. The poultice of the seeds of safflower is applied on the pubic region to reduce the inflammation of uterus after child birth.

9. An enema of the decoction of leaves of vitex negundo is used to reduce the swelling on the vagina.

10.To induce the uterus to return to its normal size –

11.The pessary made either of the shelled seeds of the mixture of oak tree and   roasted alum is placed inside the vagina.

12. In child bed fever the compound fraction of zedoary, fumaria parviflora, ginger, chirfagonia cretica, picrorhiza kurroa, the tubercles of the nut grass and the roots of the solanum xanthocarpum is given with honey and long pepper.

13.Most prominently, keep well hydrated, drinking iced water. Lemon Juice and Ginger are most Herbal Treatment for Morning Sickness.
Pregnancy is a normal process. During this stage, the weight on the limbs is more.  A nutritious diet is required for the pregnant mother and her foetus. Delivery in due course will be easy and comfortable if a pregnant lady follows regularly some instructions. This also makes her immunity to many diseases in pre and post natal conditions. Laxative should be avoided during the entire pregnancy.

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