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Prostate enlargement is common in old age with weakening of sexual function. This disease is generally related to old age but it can also happen in younger men through excessive sexual practices or from undue suppression of ejaculation. Modern medical treatment generally regards it as an infection and uses antibiotics.

Enlarged Prostate 

The best general herb is gokshura particularly when combined with ashwagandha. Shilajit is also useful. The western herb saw palmetto is effective for specially vata type.


Most commonly it is a vata disorder and comes in vata stage of life. Symptoms of prostate enlargement include low back pain, low energy, and constipation. Treatment involves anti vata diet and spices like garlic and onion. Other helpful herbs in this condition are bala, kapikachu, guggulu, and marshmallow. Formula includes Ashwagandha compound, Gokshur guggulu.


Pitta type involves infection, swelling and fever. The urine will be dark yellow or red. Treatment is similar to that for urinary tract infection, with the addition of cooling and diuretic herbs.

Lemon grass tea is the easiest remedy that can be taken regularly.

Kapha type is due to water retention and excess phlegm. Treatment is similar to that for Oedema. Hot spicy diuretics can be used…cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cubes and juniper berries. shilajit is the most important drug.

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