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Every woman wants to be beautiful, charming and loved for. It is a fact that not even the most rapid women’s liberation propaganda can efface entirely. The timeless effort and money poured into this endeavor is daunting, but as so often happens, the thing you most desire may be right in front of you on your kitchen shelves to be precise.

Acne Skin Care 
Ayurveda has a variety of beauty treatments, whose most remarkable feature is that they are all common kitchen ingredients that don’t cost more than a few rupees. So get to it and buy yourself a beautiful body right from your friendly, across the street grocer.



One of the most beautiful and simple beauty therapies is Ubtan, which is a paste customarily made out of gram flour and curd. Ubtan is the common housewife’s answer to a prayer, because it can cure almost any problem you set your mind to.

Complexion care
Whether dark or fair, colour is nature’s gift and one must accept it. But let’s not get fatalistic about it. At least not when ubtan is around.
1. Take one spoon of gram flour and mix it with one spoon of curd, or alternatively milk. 
2. Lightly massage your face with it for a period of five minutes and then let it dry for ten minutes. 3. Wash it off with water. 
Reputed to make your skin shimmer and glow like moonlight on still water. 
This is most effective when practiced twice a day. In the morning before you bath and in the evening before you go to sleep. You could also try mixing gram flour with a similar proportion of sesame oil or mustard oil.

Wrinkles and Dark shadows

These are the bane of every smart woman past the age of twenty five and how hard she tries not to acknowledge their presence. A simple household therapy to rid yourself of them, at least temporarily, is to massage your face in the morning and evening. You could also try immersing some gooseberries, either fresh or dried, in water overnight, and washing your face with the extract next morning.

Skin Ailments by Ayurvedic herb treatment

Itchiness, eczema, ringworm and boils are painful eruptions that can make life miserable for even the most sanguine among us.

Try drinking the juice of half a lemon stirred in cold water on empty stomach every morning. Massage the skin with Margose oil every night before going to bed

If you find the smell of neem offensive, mix it with sandalwood oil.

Alternatively boil ten to twenty leaves of neem in a cup of water. Sieve the water and drink the decoction once a day on an empty stomach.

Small Pox management by Ayurvedic Herbs Treatment

Make a paste of orange peels by mixing it with water and rose water and grinding it. 
Massage it on the face for five minutes daily. 
If you exercise, eat properly, relax and have regular massage of till oil or mustard oil twice a week and sleep at proper time, you will never have any cause for complaint as far as your face is concerned.

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