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Tuberculosis or TB in popular parlance is the general name for the group of the disease caused by the tiny organism, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, of which pulmonary tuberculosis, or phthisis, is the most important. Little lumps or tubercles form in the part affected which become soft and suppurate as the disease advances.

Symptoms Of Tuberculosis or TB 

Slight rise of temperature, generally in the evening, night sweats, discharge of blood with phlegm and extensive bleeding from the lungs in the final stages bring on death. It is one of the most highly contagious diseases which have afflicted mankind. It may affect the bones, the membranes of the brain, leading to meningitis or the glands when it is called Scrofula. It may be caused when a person pricks himself with anything sharp infected with the germs or inhalation of particles mixed with the tiny microbe.

But the main factor responsible for the disease is the susceptibility to it, as a constitution weakened by continuous ill health, a lowered power of resistance, hereditary, an unhealthy atmosphere, excessive use of intoxicants, over indulgence in sex, asthma and disease of the metabolism like diabetes. It is disease of filth and poverty and does not attack person living in clean surrounding and having sufficient means to feed themselves properly.

Treatment of tuberculosis has two aspects:
The preventive aspect is more social than medical. It is from the slums that the disease starts its fatal march. Provision of clean, healthy surroundings with properly ventilated and clean houses is the first imperative. Detection and isolation of the victims of the disease is the second most important thing that can be done. Thirdly, the diet is of primary importance. Plenty of milk, butter, eggs, black gram or its pulse, gourds of the various varieties, turnips, beet root, spinach and other green vegetables ,fruits etc. are the other preventives. As has been stated earlier, it is a disease of filth and poverty.

Ayurvedic herbs treatment for Tuberculosis(TB)

Ayurveda recommends Vasa for Tuberculosis. One ounce of the juice from the leaves of the drugs given thrice a day with honey provides relief but the drug of choice is Naradiya Mahalakshmi Vilas Rasa which contains traces of gold. It should be administered in three grains each in the day.

Swarna Vasant Malti is the drug in cases where there is excessive fever, sweating, and burning sensation on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

Rudanti given in 2 gms doses twice daily reduces the virulence of the disease.

Drakshaasava should be administered in one ounce doses after meals. It should be mixed with equal quantity of water. Chyavana prash awaleha is another wonderful remedy to give strength and sustenance to the patient.

Dried fruits particularly dried grapes, almond oil etc. are useful in the condition. Drumsticks, patola and kundru are the best vegetables recommended for a consumptive patient. Product of the goat, its milk, flesh and even urine are useful for a TB patient.

May GOD bless you with health n happiness
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