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Our body is made up of seven Dhatus specifically  Rakta, Maansa, Asthi, Meda, and Shukra.This Shukra Dhatu is the extract of all seven Dhatus. Due to lack of proper nutrition to the body, the process of formation of all these Dhatus gets decreased.

Diseases that occur attributable to decline in Shukra Dhatu square measure referred to as Dhaturoga. As a result formation of shukra dhatu in body is decreased. Besides, there are two other factors that lead to decline of Shukra.
  1.  Excessive sexual intercourse
  2. Unnatural sex (masturbation etc)
A person, who lives a controlled life maintains a handsome amount of Shukra, which does not end up very easily. But a person, World Health Organization indulges in autoeroticism and unnatural sex throughout his young age and destroys his Shukra, becomes victim of sexual diseases like time of day, early ejaculation, Diabetes.
The maximum quantity of Shukra is created throughout the pre-puberty stage and its misuse at that age results in its exhaustion.In your mail you aforementioned that you simply square measure stricken by Prameha.Prameha could be a downside once Shukra falls out together with wee-wee or while exerting pressure for passing stool; in some extreme cases, Shukra keeps flowing out. If the matter of time of day isn’t treated well in time then it develops into Prameha and it symbolizes weakness of Shukra. 
When you square measure weak your abdomen get additionally upset attributable to weakness it’ll occur as a result of once the shukra dhatu kshaya happens it’ll result in the kshaya of ras dhatu i.e. 1st dhatu fashioned within the abdomen that is that the explanation for your symptom. During this illness, nerves dominant Shukra become weak and flaccid.

Early Ejaculation during this downside, cum is ejaculated throughout the first stage of gender, effort each the partners unhappy. This downside reduces the period of gender and eventually ejaculation happens even before the intercourse.

It’s basically a two-way loss

1:- Already formed SHUKRA get destroyed
2:- The method of formation of Shukra additionally gets attenuated.

A balanced diet+ medication is needed to attain the amount of cum within the body.

Symptoms that you feel
  1.  Anemia
  2.  Dizziness
  3.  Loss of appetite
  4.  Acidity
  5.  Palpitation
  6.  Debility
  7.  Emaciation
Shukra is produced in testicles and some hormones essential for growth and development are also produced by testis. With decrease in production of Shukra, these hormones are also affected. And the person gets irritated terribly simply.

On autoeroticism the muscle fibers of member get constricted and because the blood floods in, get enlarged, finally resulting in erection of panis. Excessive intercourse or autoeroticism leads these muscle fibers to become flaccid; as a result, an individual fails to urge complete erection.
Shukra connected diseases occur only if Shukra is destroyed before its complete formation. However, this could be cured with a diet and healthful treatment. 

The major Shukra connected Diseases square measure.
  1. Nightfall
  2. Prameha
  3. Early Ejaculation
  4. Impotency
  5. Nightfall
  6. Erection
Ejaculation whereas sleeping attributable to Associate in Nursing arousing dream like smooching, caressing or intercourse with a feminine is termed time of day.

People who masturbate typically face this downside oftentimes. In Future it results in low sperm count and weakness and eventually impotency.

All the Dhatus of the body begin declining then will Shukra. The decline of Shukra is quicker as compared to other Dhatus and as a result, men fail to urge erection.

Even if it will, it’s for a awfully short period and it lacks stability.Mental Impotency: individuals stricken by psychological disorders or have an excessive amount of of tension, pain and sorrow, fail to urge excited whereas having sex.

Shukra-kshay connected Impotency: attributable to lack of correct treatment, issues like time of day, Prameha and early Ejaculation step by step occur; these square measure primarily the result of wrong acts done by a personal throughout the childhood.

The Shukra-kshay connected impotency happens attributable to excessive autoeroticism, gender etc. during this reasonablyimpotency, and the need is there however member fails to attain erection.

Due to Shukra-kshay, nerves of the member become flaccid and fail to convey erection to member which may be simply cured with correct diet and medical treatment? Healthful Treatment time of day, Prameha and Impotency square measure the assorted stages of 1 upset referred to as Shukra-kshay.


Rasayan medicines, these square measure medicines, which give strength to the body and weigh down the aging method.Vaajikaran medication is also expected to be used as it enhances the sexual power and assists in erection of the organ the person.

We will send you the medicine which will build your body by nourishing all the dhatus lead to formation of the HEALTHY OOJ .This OOJ will make size of the penis bigger and also increase the thickness of your penis. It also increases the thickness of your semen and strength of doing sex.

I want to tell you that no ayurvedic medicines have the negative or side effects. Because AYURVEDA are known for REJUVENATION THERAPY AND SEX IN older times.
These medicines will increase your facial glow and happiness (SUFURTI DAYAK)
Medicines prescribed for you are-
  1. Ling vridhi gutika
  2. Vridhi tailam
  3. Pushti vardhak ghrit
  4. Amrita rasayanam
I will assure you if you take these medicines for one month, you will start feeling change in yourself. Your self-confidence and your personality will be increased.

Give reply as soon as possible because DHATU KSHAYA is not good for you. If you want briefly knowledge about this dhatu kshaya please concern Ayurvedic Consultation in India.

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